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Adventure racing offers a unique opportunity to challenge yourself mentally and physically while requiring a wide range of team and individual skills.  This 6 week program will cover everything your 10-15 year old adventurer needs to be ready to tackle this epic sport including navigation, mountain bike skills and maintenance, basic first aid, team work, mental resilience and toughness, nutrition and race planning/execution. 

The program concludes with an adventure race specifically tailored to the skills and abilities of the participants. 


All the weekday sessions meet at Maple Lawn, Fulton, MD and in various local parks on the weekend.


The race

The final adventure race will take between 2-4 hrs and will be specifically tailored to the abilities and fitness level of the group.  It will involve working in teams of 2-4 to find checkpoints in the woods while traveling on bike and on foot..  If the athletes and parents feel comfortable, they will race on their own as a team, otherwise a coach will shadow the team as they race.

These videos will give you an idea of what to expect from our program.

Spring race 2021

Resolution Race 2021

Here is a clip of one of our weekend classes.

Mountain bike skills

There are sibling and military discounts available.  If you are experiencing financial hardships or can't afford the full tuition please contact me to discuss options.   There are scholarship spaces available for each program.  

About Us


Founder and Head Coach

My name is MSG Jesse Tubb, a career Soldier and an avid endurance athlete.  I'm the father of 2 teenagers and a husband of an amazingly supportive wife.  

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience from my professional and personal life.  I believe there is no better way to invest my time than to teach, mentor and guide children from all walks of life with the aim of helping them become better and more engaged human beings.  


I have over 10 years of adventure racing experience including Amazon's 2019 Eco Challenge "The World's Toughest Race" (currently airing on Amazon Prime), 2 time Adventure Racing World Championship competitor, and winner of the 2018 USARA (US Adventure Racing Association) National Championship.  I've participated in everything from 2 hr family adventure races with my children to 11 day expedition length races around the world.  I have numerous wins racing as a soloist in adventure racing and age group podium finishes in ultramarathons, Ironman triathlons and endurance mountain bike races.  


I'm a level 3 NICA (National Intercollegiate Cycling Association) coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Army Fitness Instructor, Army Master Resiliency Trainer and I have certifications in wilderness first aid, CPR, jungle navigation and travel, swift water rescue, and ropes and ascending.  Over the last 15 years I've attended weekend meditation retreats and participated in a 4-day wilderness fast as well as maintained a regular spiritual and self improvement practice.  


I've been a coach for recreation sports, group fitness classes, Let Me Run program, NICA mountain biking team, and as a private instructor for the last 24 years.  

Over the last 16 years I've worked as a mentor with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Vmentor, and most recently with OhanaHC.  


Assistant Coach

My name is Sidney Billups and I am the happy father of 2 boys Sean is 19 and a collegiate

wrestler and Phoenix is my 5 month old who can't wait to start crawling. Last but not least is my

rock and my everything, Megan Zontek. I am currently in my 13th year as a special education

Para Educator in Howard County.

I've was a division I wrestler in college and over the past 14 years, I have been a high school

wrestling and track coach. In my free time I train in Muay Thai, and Jujitsu. I have also endured

12- 24hr Gorucks in the past.

As for adventure racing I've raced on and off for the last 10 years and I have had my share of

podium finishes. Adventure racing is a sport that adds a lot of disciplines together and makes

you rely on your teammates to get over that finish line, and with this program we will give your

children the tools they need to be successful in the sport of adventure racing..


What People Are Saying

I thought the race was a great team challenge and I loved not having adults around to win it for us.  It involves a lot of teamwork and I would definitely recommend it to people who are interested.  

Evan T. 13 year old participant

At the end of a grueling race in which he developed teamwork skills, his ability to solve problems, and resilience, my son said, "That was awesome!"  In terms of outdoor education, GRIT Adventures is that cartoon character vitamin - nutritious and fun!  During these trying times, I think it's incredibly important that kids learn how to be resilient, develop self-confidence, stay physically fit, and have fun outside.  This experience checked all of those boxes.

John N. father of 13 year old Jack

The race was an amazing experience for me and doing it with my friends made it even better.  I hadn't done anything like that in a long time and it was a nice change.  It taught me how to work as a team and be patient.  I definitely want to do something like it again.

Jayden T. 15 year old participant

I heard about G.R.I.T. Adventure racing class from a friend and I signed my son up for the class on the spot! This is just what my child needed. I told my son what he was enrolled in and he threw a fit. We made a deal, he would go to the first class and then he could quit if he wanted. After his first class he never asked to quit again. This class was challenging, but this class was fun and also empowering! He learned new skills and then he was tested in real ways. Probably the most powerful thing he discovered was he CAN do hard things! 

Lisa T. mother of 12 year old Alex

GRIT Adventure Racing is a program unlike any other. Our daughter loves the outdoors and adventure and we try to foster that within our family. She's attended summer camps and belongs to Girl Scouts, but GRIT combines her passions with resilience, life skills, and determination. This isn't a community program run by hired help. Coach Jesse and his team love adventure racing and it shows! Their energy and positivity are contagious and the participants feed off their encouragement. No matter her time or score on race day, our daughter always leaves proud, confident, and ready for the next adventure. 

Kiersten L. mother of 13 year old Madeline 

My daughter participated in the first Grit Adventure Race and we will 100% be back for more! The race was organized, safe, and TONS OF FUN! The challenges were difficult enough to make the racers wonder if they would complete it but they persevered through teamwork and grit  


Besides her ear to ear smile, the best part was watching the team navigate the course independent of adults. She learned more about resilience and independence in this one day than she has in a year! 

Dan F. father of 10 year old Sammy


What is your Covid-19 plan?

Each athlete needs to check their temperature before arriving and stay home if they have any symptoms.  We will be wearing masks at all times when having group discussions and will be 6 feet apart during the conditioning sessions.  Masks will be worn during group trail hikes and bike rides and will observe proper social distancing guidelines.

What if I have to miss a class, will there be a make-up?

If you have to miss I can provide a short video clip discussing the topics covered as well as a document outlining the workouts.

What is the pick up/drop off protocol? 

Please arrive 5 minutes early so we can start on time.  You may drop off your child and leave but make sure I have your number in case of an emergency or we have to end early.  Pick you child up no later that 15 minutes after practice ends or there will be a $10 fee.

What is your cancelation policy?

Life happens and plans change.  If you have to cancel for whatever reason I will offer a refund of the camp fee minus a $25 administration fee as long as it is more than two weeks out.  If it is less than two week you will lose 1/2 of your fee and if it is within one week the entire fee will be forfeit.

I love adventure racing sooo much and want to dive even deeper into the sport.  Do you offer private lessons on specific skills?

You bet!  I'd be happy to work with you to curate a personalized workout plan or work one-on-one to sharpen your skills even more.  I can help you with conditioning specific training, running or mountain bike training plans or multisport training. Price depends on your specific needs and goals.

What is the weather cancelation policy?

As we say in the Army, train as you fight.  The weather is something we must contend with in adventure racing and so we will hold practices in all safe weather conditions..  We will only cancel or postpone in the case of thunderstorms or extreme conditions.  I will provide a zoom session if we need to cancel completely.  (Who doesn't want more zoom in their lives, right?! ) 


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