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Who is this program for?

Organizational leaders, team leaders, leaders in the family, leaders of their peers, and individuals wanting to respond to life's challenges with a positive mindset. 


GRIT Adventures is an engaging program built on the principles of mindfulness, positive psychology, and the latest research on resiliency. Choose from experiential-based learning activities, certified training programs, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and corporate and sports team-building. Through this program, individuals and organizations gain a greater understanding of their capabilities and develop perseverance, conflict-resolution skills, communication, and self-awareness to effectively lead themselves and others.

Our mission is to help individuals and teams build resilience in all facets of life enabling them to reach their peak potential.

OUR CLIENTS & Partners


Spartan Race


meet the team

MSG Jesse Tubb

My name is MSG Jesse Tubb, a career Soldier and an avid endurance athlete. I’m the father of 2 teenagers and a husband of an amazingly supportive wife. ​

Sidney Billup

My name is Sidney Billups and I am the happy father of 2 boys, Sean is 20 and a collegiate wrestler and Phoenix is my 1 year old ball of energy. My wife Megan is my rock and my everything.

Betsy Schultz

My name is Betsy Schultz and I’m an elementary school physical education teacher (My favorite thing to teach is teaching my students how to ride bikes safely!)

GRIT pic 1.jpg

"GRIT Adventure Racing is a program unlike any other. Our daughter loves the outdoors and adventure and we try to foster that within our family. She's attended summer camps and belongs to Girl Scouts, but GRIT combines her passions with resilience, life skills, and determination. This isn't a community program run by hired help. Coach Jesse and his team love adventure racing and it shows! Their energy and positivity are contagious and the participants feed off their encouragement. No matter her time or score on race day, our daughter always leaves proud, confident, and ready for the next adventure."

Kiersten L.

Mother of 13 year old Madeline
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