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Positive Intelligence Bootcamp

​Join as a team or an individual

​Goals of the program​


identify triggers that cause negative emotions


build awareness of why you habitually react to those triggers


develop effective ways of responding to those triggers with a positive mindset

What the 3-month boot camp looks like:​

You will be assigned to a pod of 4-6 other clients that will serve to provide encouragement and accountability for the duration of your 3-month journey

week 1

  • Discover your core values

  • Identify specific goals for the program

week 2-7

  • ​​PQ program with me as your guide. 

  • The PQ program is flexibly structured, based on universal truths, backed by research and science, and utilizes technology in a way that makes all this accessible and attainable

  • You must commit about 15 minutes a day to the following:

    • 1 hour video each weekend (broken up into 10-12 min sections for easier viewing)

    • 45-60 min weekly Zoom pod meetings that I will lead, typically on Sunday or Monday night

    • 4 days a week of 15 min guided meditation (Tuesday-Friday and broken into four 2-3 min sessions throughout each day)

    • Listening to or reading 8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence book

week 8-12

  • Address specific work and life applications

  • Build habits to ensure effective and lasting implementation of the program

  • Continue to grow awareness of our unhealthy patterns

  • Discover more tools to aid you on your journey

You will have access to me via text message and email to address specific concerns or questions throughout the program

You may add 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions to expand the impact of this program for an additional fee

What are the benefits:

  • Make friends with your mind

  • Develop a positive mindset

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Learn the ability to quiet the negative inner voices

  • Create more peace and calm

  • Gain control over how you respond to life’s challenges. 

  • Identify and gain awareness of your unhealthy patterns and behaviors 

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My Guarantee:

If you commit to the work and don’t see meaningful changes in your life after 3 months, I will fully refund your fee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! 
With the offer of a full refund, the only cost of committing to this program is your time. How do you want to spend it? What is the cost of maintaining your current mindset? 

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