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Team building

If you're looking to build a more effective and engaged cooperate or sports teams, We can create fun and unique opportunities to grow individuals to support the growth of your organization.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your work environment or bring your sports team to the next level,

our mental fitness program develops an individual’s ability to perform and their absolute best while effectively working towards the team’s success.

Options InCLUDE:

Team building for sports teams or small groups

This two-hour experience offers a unique chance to build cohesion, trust, and inner strength to help them on and off the field. 

Multi-day team building retreats

Perfect for preseason camp or corporate retreats

One-day program

This is a perfect option for kickstarting the mental fitness journey or as a refresher to a retreat. 

Coaches/Captains program

This virtual option is ideal for building a sustaining and deeply impactful environment for your team. The coaches and captains will meet in separate communities of practice with peers throughout the program. The first 6 weeks will consist of learning the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program followed by bi-monthly virtual meetings with their peers to discover effective and sustaining methods of implementing the PQ framework into their performance and personal lives.

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